About Scalein

Welcome to Scalein, a consulting company founded by Database Expert Venu Anuganti in 2007, focused on building data driven business solutions.

Scalein is a team of domain experts with Ph.D in distributed computing with experience ranging from 10-20+ years in the following areas:

  • Experts in the design, implementation and scaling of high performance large scale systems
  • Part of Fortune-100/500 companies supporting both OLTP and Data Analytics infrastructure
  • Administration of database systems for over a decade
  • Building and supporting SQL, NoSQL and Big Data platform
  • Experience in managing and administering large database systems (10000+ in a single location)
  • Database kernel development (RDBMS, SQL, NoSQL, Analytics and Data Warehouse servers)
  • Database client server protocols and drivers development (ODBC, JDBC, .NET, APIs etc)
  • Strong in C, C++, Java and PHP programming languages
  • Design and scale OLTP systems for various web based workloads
  • Design and scale data analytics, OLAP, ETL and data warehouse systems
  • Build Hadoop, Hbase platform (we managed up to 200+ node clusters)
  • Design and implement BI, custom reporting and dashboards
  • Map-reduce for big data processing and crunching
  • Implementation of complex search and discovery platforms
  • Build recommendation systems by using the user activity and interests

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