Why Scalein ?

We are a dedicated team of data experts with tremendous knowledge-base in design and implementation of high performance scalable systems. Our engineering expertise spans all the technologies and tools needed for scalable services on massively large-scale distributed systems. Please check about Scalein team and areas of expertise.
In today's online world; data drives revenue. Companies spend their valuable time, resources and money in dealing with data and performance/maintenance/stability of distributed databases on daily basis. Scalein can take that pain from individual companies, so that the companies can focus on real business and spend their engineering resources and time in building actual features that can drive the revenue and user base.
We offer services that span the complete spectrum of architecting enterprise data systems. We support from design, implementation to administration and supporting of all database systems. For more information, check our all-in-one service offering!
For a detailed pricing scheme, please contact Scalein. Our services and pricing are subject to a detailed analysis of the task and the deliverable put forth.
We are committed to success with a focus on delivering, easy to work with, dependable, forward thinking and will integrate well with your team. In most cases, we will be visiting your team on a daily basis until we solve the initial problems. We are looking forward to being a part of your development effort.
We possess an impressive track record of success and a practical approach to solving your most difficult and pressing technology needs. We can hit the ground running and help grow the team using our right contacts.
Our services have been used successfully by several notable companies. We continue to provide our services to them and are expanding.

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