Data Analytics

We offer services in strategy, design, architecture, development and implementation of big data, data warehouse, data analytics, data insights and other business intelligence (BI) solutions.

We offer a comprehensive, integrated and consistent view of data from various business and system sources. To achieve this, we use state-of-the-art machine-learning tools to carefully correlate data from different domains and generate the star schema that the reporting tools can effectively represent the data in most usable form.

Our cost-effective services will help a business better understand its relationship with customers, plan for growth, make strategic number-driven decisions and confidently explore new investments. All of the above will help in meeting revenue goals.

We can help to streamline the architecture, evaluate new technology, implementation, tuning, administration and support of Data Warehousing, Data Analytics, Big Data Handling, BI and ETL using both open-source and commercial technology in the following areas:


  • Architecture, design, evaluation and implementation of Data Analytics, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions
  • Choosing the right BI and ETL tools based on requirements and budget
  • Implement data marts and star schema by combining with dimensional data
  • Scale the infrastructure from a few terabytes to petabytes of data

Log Processing

  • Process and integrate structured and un-structured data into ETL infrastructure either in real-time or through batch processing
    • Structured: Data from SQL and NoSQL stores.
    • Un-structured: Data from weblogs (clicks, visits, activity), CRM, marketing, campaign, spend, revenue, leads, etc.

Real Time Analytics

  • Besides regular data analytics, we offer expertise in the form of design and implementation of near real-time data analytics
  • Mainly used by mining and recommendation services along with real-time dashboards

Business Insights, Discovery

  • Focus on mining data, providing deep insights about users, clients, performance, operations and other revenue generating factors
  • Overall, our service in this area will quantify and predict many aspects of a business and provide a sustainable growth by anticipating and acting in advance


  • Work with business development and gather requirements
  • Implement ETL to get aggregated information based on the timelines
  • Isolated production, staging and development environments
  • Build OLAP cubes for reporting
  • Implement and integrate third-party reporting solutions like Micro Strategy, Pentaho, Tableau or build custom reporting solutions

Systems and Tools

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