Data Architecture

As data is the "true wealth" of the company; and systems that collect, store and process data must be properly designed and implemented - thus enabling clean, high performance data architecture and make data infrastructure highly scalable.

We will help to build the right architecture with the following assessments evaluated and implemented by understanding and meeting the current business requirements, future growth and service level agreements (SLA):

Data Architecture Assessments

  • Current Architecture
  • Application, Web Logging System to Capture All Events
  • High Performance and Highly Scalable OLTP Database System
  • Highly Scalable Data Warehouse, Data Analytics Database System
  • Log Processing Tools
  • ETL Tools
  • Aggregation, Batch Processing
  • Services, Tools for Fetching and Loading Un-Structured Data
  • Internal and External Reporting System
  • Monitoring and Alerting System
  • Data, Tools and Reports required for Data Analysis
  • Platform to run Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Recommender System
  • Stats for Quick Business Insights in Realtime, etc.

High Level Data Architecture

High Level Data Architecture
For more information on what tools and systems we support, please check Data Services and Big Data Support.

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